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Sub-Zero is known to be the best cold appliance manufacturer in the kitchen appliance industry. Whenever you need quality refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, or wine coolers, Sub-Zero's line of professional cold appliances is the way to go. 

Your Sub-Zero appliance has a long history, starting in 1945. The company was started by Westye Bakke, who wanted to create a reliable way to store his son's insulin to manage his diabetes. Because of this, he was able to develop the first-ever freestanding freezer with his hands. His creation pushed him to create the Sub-Zero Freezer Company to develop even more amazing cold appliances. In the 1950s, Sub-Zero began to manufacture the first built-in refrigerators, cementing their reputation for their innovativeness and quality. Now, Sub-Zero continues to uphold the high standards they have set by refining and inventing new ways to preserve food's freshness and reduce waste. 

Sub-Zero Appliances are also known for their incredible durability. In addition, the materials they and the craftsmanship on each Sub-Zero appliance are of the highest quality. The components used in all Sub-Zero appliances have undergone extreme stress testing before being used to ensure that they will last. But, if they encounter issues, they have certified repair companies who can service your appliance on their behalf, like us here at Sub-Zero Repair Pros! 

What's the difference does it make if you are certified or not?

Having a certified repair company do Sub-Zero ice maker repairs has its advantages. The first, and most obvious one, is that you are getting the help of certified Sub-Zero professionals to diagnose and repair your unit. These professionals have undergone training and tests to ensure that they know all there is to know about Sub-Zero repair and maintenance.

Sub-Zero certifications also guarantee the customers that every part used for repairs is genuine. Unlike other repair companies, Sub-Zero certified professionals would only use genuine parts to ensure that they do not cause you any more issues in the future. In addition, each part being used is also subject to a comprehensive warranty. So, if you encounter an issue caused by the repair done, it would be covered by the warranty. 

Whenever you need Sub-Zero ice maker repairs, don't settle for less. Instead, get the help of a certified Sub-Zero repair company. We at Sub-Zero Repair Crew are always here to be of service. We also offer Sub-Zero wine cooler repairs, Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs, and Sub-Zero freezer repairs!

Why Hire Us? 

  • Have a long time of experience in the business field
  • Specialists are well-educated, licensed, and committed
  • Come to your place at the right time
  • Leave any assigned projects complete and tidy
  • Installed parts have a warranty
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

So, when problems pop up with your Sub-Zero ice maker or any other Sub-Zero appliances, don't think twice to call and hire our experts to provide you the service that you need for your units.

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