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November 26, 2022

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5 Best Ways To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

If you got unmaintained refrigerators at home that need Sub Zero refrigerator repair service, you could always count on the pros at Sub Zero Repair Crew to accommodate you.

Since your refrigerator is probably the most-used kitchen appliance, spills, drips, sticky spots, and food debris are expected. Even the most organized cooks experience this; the key is knowing these five vital tips to keep it tidy and organized all year.

  • Remove the refrigerator from the wall to clean the coils.

The condenser is the part of the refrigerator responsible for dissipating heat via the coils that run along the bottom or across the front. When these coils get dirty from dust and grime, the compressor has to work harder to keep up with the load, which increases energy consumption. This is not only wasteful but also impossible to maintain in the long run; the refrigerator will stop working.

  • Use your vacuum to clean the fridge. 

Use the small brush attachment on your vacuum to scrub the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator’s crisper. It can be difficult to remove these drawers, so instead of wasting time doing so, consider using your vacuum to remove the dried leaves, scraps, and dirt that have accumulated on your root vegetables.

  • Try cleaning the fridge every two weeks to avoid a major deep-cleaning project.

It sounds like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s not. If you clean and rearrange the contents of your fridge every two weeks, you won’t have to tackle the massive all-day scrubbing project. The simple strategy of dating and labeling all the perishables in the fridge makes this daily chore a breeze. This makes it simple to identify wasteful items.

  • When cleaning the fridge, don’t forget to wipe down the containers.

You’ve gone to the trouble of cleaning out your refrigerator by removing the shelves and drawers, so don’t waste your efforts by putting back all the old, sticky jars and bottles. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down each item before storing it in the fridge.

  • Arrange items according to the temperature at which the foods must be cooked.

Since commercial and restaurant kitchens prioritize food safety in their refrigerator organization, we often look to them as role models. Place items that don’t require any additional cooking time, such as already-made meals or leftovers, at the top of the fridge, and arrange the rest in descending order of the minimum cooking temperature required to make them safe to eat, with items requiring the most time in the oven, such as chicken, at the bottom.

We couldn’t imagine life without our refrigerators. One of the requirements for a clean and safe kitchen is a neat and organized refrigerator. Not only on its exterior features but the interior as well. However, have you ever thought to yourself, “What about the maintenance on my refrigerator’s system?” 

A refrigerator’s system keeps the appliance running and functioning, so while the features you see on your refrigerator must be well taken care of, you must also not forget about its system. Appliance system maintenance and check-ups call for a refrigerator repair service and a licensed technician’s help. But you need not worry as you can easily look for a “Sub Zero refrigerator repair service near me” given that we extend our services to a wide reach, so you can get your refrigerator assessed for possible repair by our technicians.


Do Sub-Zero Refrigerators Run All The Time?


You might get worried if you hear your fridge running constantly, but not anymore when you know you’ve got a Sub Zero refrigerator repair service you can count on. There may come a time when you question whether or not it is intended for continuous operation. Well, we looked into how long a refrigerator should run on average, and we’ll go over the observations here.

A fridge won’t be on all day, but it should be on for at least eight hours daily. Don’t be alarmed if you hear your refrigerator running constantly; doing so is necessary to keep the food inside at an appropriate temperature and prevent spoilage.

Why Does a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Run All The Time?

It’s not ideal for a refrigerator to be on continuously, but it’s not out of the ordinary. It’s easy to assume that a refrigerator that is constantly on is wasting power and will eventually stop working if it’s left on for an extended period.

There may be a problem if your refrigerator stays on continuously. In most cases, there are three causes for this. Please take a look at them.

  • Broken Door Gaskets

Damage or wear and tear on the refrigerator’s door gasket can compromise the appliance’s ability to maintain a cold interior. The doors of your refrigerator are delicate and can easily be damaged, so be careful when opening and closing them.

One telltale sign of a gasket problem in your refrigerator is the sensation of warm air escaping through the doors even when they are closed. So if you feel a chill when you pass your fridge, the gaskets may be worn and need replacement.

  • Defective Condenser Coils

It’s also possible that dirt and debris have built up on the coils at the bottom and back of your fridge. These coils facilitate the refrigerant’s journey through your fridge and into the compressor.

Because of this, the appliance can produce cool air. These coils must be exposed to the room’s warm air to prevent the refrigerant from overheating. The compressor will try to compensate by running constantly, and this will cause it to wear out faster than necessary.

  • The Freezer Needs To Defrost

A refrigerator’s freezer will gradually become iced over. Defrosting the unit is a necessary step in removing it. There will be a buildup of frost on the interior air vents if you don’t defrost your freezer at least once a year.

This can prevent the freezer’s temperature sensors from doing their job, resulting in the compressor having to work harder than necessary.

We hope this article helped explain how often a fridge needs to run to stay cool. You should know that it is not necessarily bad if your refrigerator is constantly on. Suppose you hear unusual noises or it seems to be constantly running. In that case, however, you may want to get a Sub-Zero appliance repair service and have a professional take a look to make sure the cooling system is functioning properly.

If you ever need a professional to repair a Sub Zero refrigerator, our expert technicians at Sub-Zero Repair Crew can assist you! Moreover, as all our technical team members are licensed and experienced in the field for years, there is nothing too big or complex of an issue for them. With us, you can only expect to get the best and most certified Sub-Zero appliance repair at cost-efficient rates, so you don’t have to think twice about who to call for assistance.

Your appliances matter to us just as much. Whenever you need to get booked for our professional services or got concerns, don’t hesitate to call our hotlines anytime you need help.

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