Steps On How To Fix Refrigerator Making Loud Noise

May 13, 2022

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Nowadays you can find different styles and types of refrigerator that are available in the market with different features available. Regardless of whether the refrigerator is high-end, this can still be prone to some issues which can be alarming. You will notice that your refrigerator making noise for some reason.

With this, it is important to find out what might have caused the problem. Usually, this can be due to its parts that seem to be defective. To diagnose the problem and identify the main reason, a professional repair service will be able to assist you. Sub Zero Appliance Repair in Pasadena is properly trained and experienced in handling different refrigerator issues. We offer the best and most comprehensive Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair.

Here’s a way how you can fix the refrigerator that makes a loud noise.

  1. Listen to the Source Find out where the noise is coming from. Is the noise coming from the back, bottom, or inside the refrigerator? If the noise is rattling from the bottom, the drain pan is likely to lose. The loud noise that comes from the back of the unit can indicate an issue with the defrost timer, condenser fan or the compressor. If the noise comes from inside the appliance, the failing art is probably the evaporator fan which circulates the air through the freezer and fridge.
  2. Secure The Drain Pan If a loose drain pan is causing the unit to make loud noise from the bottom, this is an easy fix. Make sure to secure the pan back in place with its existing hardware to restore the fridge quietly.
  3. Listen and Look For Faulty Defrost Timer – If the noise you hear involves a ticking or scraping noise, the defrost timer may be faulty. Check for the frost build-up in the refrigerator and the freezer compartments which can be an indication of a failing timer. If you happen to hear another noise, it is another sign that the defrost timer should be replaced. Let a professional have it checked to diagnose the problem.
  4. Clean and Inspect the Condenser Fan – Not all of the refrigerators have a condenser fan. If you have one which is located behind the access panel on the back of the fridge. With the fridge unplugged, check the condenser fan including the rubber grommets for any damages. Use a soft brush to clean the dirt and debris that can block the condenser motor fan. If this won’t solve the problem, try other ways such as cleaning the fan.
  5. Check The Evaporator Fan – To check if the evaporator fan causes the loud refrigerator racket, simply push the light switch in the freezer. If the fan is the reason, the noise will get louder. Inspect the fan to check the extent of the damage.

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