6 Factors Why Your Sub Zero Freezer is Not Cooling

April 6, 2022

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Did you notice that your freezer isn’t cooling and your food is starting to spoil? A freezer should keep the food frozen to avoid spoilage, especially if you will not use the food inside for a long time. So, when your freezer isn’t cooling, your first reaction is to call Sub-Zero Repair Crew in Denver to avail of their Freezer Repair Service, and that’s okay.

But it’s also better to know what causes your freezer to not cool. Therefore when technicians from Sub-Zero Repair Crew in Denver arrive, you can tell them your findings to help them do their jobs more efficiently. So, here are 6 factors to consider when your freezer isn’t cooling:

1. The thermostat setting is not correct.

You might have overlooked your thermostat setting, so your freezer is not cooling. If so, set the right thermostat so your freezer starts cooling. If the thermostat is set correctly but your freezer won’t cool, then there is another problem you need to look for.

2. The vents are blocked.

One reason for a freezer that’s not cooling is a blocked vent. The vent helps cold air circulate inside the freezer and the hot air escape through the vent. If food items are placed in front of the vent, air cannot freely move around and escape to the vent. 

Organize your freezer to ensure that the vent is not blocked. If there is no more space for food items, check if you can cook some to free up space in your freezer. You can also watch organization tutorials to maximize your freezer’s space without blocking the vent.

3. The condenser coils are dirty.

If your freezer is struggling to reach a certain temperature or is not cooling, your condenser coils might be the issue. Ensure that your condenser coils are always clean. And if the coils are dirty, clean them right away.

To clean the condenser coils, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Unplug your unit and move it away from the walls to give you room to move around. 
  • Locate the condenser coils. It is usually below the unit. 
  • Vacuum dust and debris from the condenser coils. Never wash or wipe the coils with a wet washcloth. 
  • For hard-to-reach spots, use a paintbrush. It will easily remove the dust from the coils. 
  • Once you are satisfied, place your unit back in its original position. 
  • Plug your unit and wait for the freezer to cool.

If you have done all these steps and your freezer is still not cooling, then there is another problem with your freezer.

4. The condenser motor fan is malfunctioning or broken.

The condenser fan draws air to the condenser coils, which help cool them down and get the freezer to cool down. If the condenser motor fan is broken, you need professional help. When the fan malfunctions, it often needs to be replaced to avoid further damage and spoiled food.

5. The evaporator fan motor is functioning poorly.

Usually, several evaporator fans are working in one unit. But, if one or more is malfunctioning, your freezer won’t reach the desired temperature to cool and preserve food. So, you’ll need to get a professional technician to check on your evaporator fan motor to repair or replace the broken ones right away.

6. The control boards of the freezer are damaged.

Damage to your freezer’s control board could be why your freezer is not cooling. If the control board can’t detect the temperature, it won’t adjust the temperature. So, have a technician look into your freezer’s control board before more damage occurs.

These six steps are easy to follow, and with the help of an expert professional, your freeze will cool and reach its desired temperature in no time. 

Features of a Freezer You Should Consider Before Buying

Choosing a freezer should be based on how you’ll use it,  what items you’ll be putting inside, and how big your family or business is. So, here are important freezer features for you to look into before buying one.

1. The door configuration.

Depending on what you prefer, there are different door configurations of a freezer. So, choose wisely and always consider your space.

2. Energy efficiency to help you save money.

It is important to have an energy-efficient freezer to prevent an increase in your monthly electric bill. This way, you can save more money than spending it on bills.

3. WiFi connection availability.

Nowadays, the best appliances are WiFi ready. This feature allows users to connect their appliances to an app and control the appliances from their devices.

4. Plenty of shelf space. 

Plenty of shelf space means you have room to organize your freezer without blocking the vent.

5. Compartments for different food items.

Suppose there are compartments for specific food items, the better. Choose a freezer that allows you to segregate your food items.

6. Automatic temperature control system. 

Automatic temperature controls allow users hassle-free usage because the sensors detect temperature changes and adjust to the owner’s liking.

Now, you are ready to find your perfect freezer. Remember that taking good care of your freezer by having regular maintenance to avoid damages is a must. This way, you can ensure that your freezer is in pristine working condition.

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